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Welcome to our brand new Candle and Soap Making Articles Directory. We are in the process of adding informational as well as educational articles to this directory to help answer questions you may have, or just to give you good reading!

Check back often and watch it grow. . . This will become:

A directory of articles covering candle and soap making and business articles on marketing.


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1: Why Most Advertising Strategies Fail
Most small business owners use advertising strategies that simply do not work. In this article we discover what DOES work and how we can make it work for us in our own ads.

2: 10 Ways To Advertise Your Home Business
To make money with your home business people have to know about it. The only way to do that is to advertise and promote it in as many different ways as possible. Here are 10 ways you can advertise yo

3: An Educated Perspective on Email Marketing
Email Marketing can help organizations drive repeat business at a much lower cost than other media. It's a matter of knowing whether using a monthly billing plan or a credits system best suits your business needs.

4: Sales Strategy Starts With Your Customer
People are creatures of habit and human nature is what it is. That knowledge can be used to convert visitors into customers. If you pay close attention to when people are triggered to open their wallets, then you can use the same dynamics to develop a strategy to have it work for your sales efforts.

5: Minimum Wage & Overtime: Who's Covered
The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes standards for minimum wages, overtime pay, record keeping, and child labor. These standards affect over 100 million workers, both full-time and pa


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